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The Dream Belongs to Me:
Rare and Unreleased Recordings 1968/1973

Strange conflation of unrelated sessions
throws up real treasure, including two new songs.

by David Peschek

More from the Buckley vaults: six Happy Sad sessions tracks from the internet-only Works In Progress spliced with eight unreleased demos from Sefronia, presumably to make a saleable whole.

Sefronia, Buckley's penultimate album, suffered from an overcooked wannabe-pop production -- Buckley himself, apparently, had a cold during the recording and his vocals vary wildly in quality. The demos reveal what might have been.

The band skitter quietly but adroitly in the background, the voice is as supple and free as it ever had been. Of the two new songs, The Dream Belongs To Me is most focused, but also the strangest ("I had a love affair with a cross-eyed flamingo"), while Sefronia itself is sensual and restrained.

In context, lackluster final album Look At The Fool now seems more like a blip than the end of a downward spiral, which makes this the most important and worthwhile Buckley archive release since Dreamletter.

© 2001 Peschek/MOJO

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