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90% Sex
Tim Buckley Look At The Fool (Discreet DS 2201)

By Bert van de Kamp
(translated from Dutch by Hans Kerkhof. English version edited 2008)

It seems that interest in Tim Buckley is increasing. Probably that's because he is touring again after a long time, and he was here this summer for a pop festival, where he surprised with a very vital and intense set.

Back then he was not in the mood to talk about his new album - the only thing he would let out was that the title would be Tijuana Moon. After all this seems not to be correct. The reason for the title change is not known, although the nicely painted cover matches both titles.

Buckley is a great talent as a songwriter and as an musician, in which his voice is the most important instrument. What he can do with his voice is incredible. His large range and enormous suppleness is striking.

Yet his voice leads to many contradictions. To many people, his vocals are a continual source of annoyance. Those people won't have to listen to Look at the Fool, although, in my opinion, they miss a lot, because this ninth album of Buckley's contains a lot of beautiful music.

It is simply the best Buckley album for many years. After discoveries in folk, jazz, or in ethno-musical parts (Starsailor) on his last album - Sefronia - Tim went to the direction of black music, funk. This continues on his new album, but a new interest can be heard, Latin-American rhythms.

I can't remember any pop-musician like Buckley who has engaged in so many styles - every record is completely different from the last. Also a name to be mentioned is Joe Falsia, who is responsible for the excellent production and takes care of some monumental guitar-playing.
'The music is boiling and swings like hell, and again Tim sings the stars from heaven in songs which relate to sex for at least 90% of the time..."
The musicians on this record are known from Tim's festival gig: on bass, Jim Fielder (ex-Blood, Sweat & Tears, ex-Buffalo Springfield); on piano, Mark Tiernan; on drums, Earl Palmer... There are many horns and on each track there is a good background choir: Vanetta Fields, Clydie King and Shirley Matthews.

The music is boiling and swings like hell, and again Tim sings the stars from heaven in songs which relate to sex for at least 90% of the time. "I don't know why you bring my sex alive..." sings Tim at the beginning of Helpless, one of the best songs on the record.

And in Bring It On Up he sings, “I'm talking about tongue to tongue, woman, about belly to belly, darling.” Very good music on this record, my friends. Tijuana Moon, Mexicali Voodoo, and Down In The Street are the highlights.

But all your admiration probably depends to Tim's voice. When it irritates you, forget it all, but you are missing out on a lot!

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