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Tim Buckley: Lorca - February 1970

By Mick MacVe

Tim Buckley's fifth album is called Lorca. It was released in October 1970 (I think) during a manic eleven month period which also saw the release of Blue Afternoon (February 1970) and Starsailor (January 1971).

"I recorded "Blue Afternoon", "Lorca" and parts of "Starsailor" in the same month. I was hot" - Tim Buckley in "ZigZag"

There is one standout track, "Drifting", which always transports me to a simpler world: "Late last night, as I dreamed in dizzy sunlight, I thought I heard your bare feet on the stairs." Side One is more experimental and free form; the title track, in particular, is excellent. However, most people that I know cannot listen to it and beg me to play something melodic. (Most of my friends have bad taste!)

Side 1:

Lorca (Buckley)

Anonymous Propositions (Buckley)

Side 2:

I Had A Talk With My Woman (Buckley)

This is an edit (5:55) of the whole song (7:32) which appears on "Morning Glory The Tim Buckley Anthology" and "Live At The Troubadour"

Driftin' (Buckley)

Released on "Live At The Troubadour"

Nobody Walkin' (Buckley)

A live version appears on "Live At The Troubadour"

© Mick MacVe

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