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Sefronia : Tim Buckley

By Unknown

This album is, to some extent, regarded as being Tim Buckleys sellout album. Only he could answer that one, but it is a pretty puzzling album and certainly not one of his best.

Sefronia is a collection of covers, Buckley, Beckett collaborations and a few of Tim Buckleys own songs. We use the word puzzling because the songs, in terms of quality, are just oceans apart from each other, they range from the brilliant to the opposite.

To be fair, none of the poor tracks were penned by Buckley. Of the covers, Fred Neil's Dolphins, a song that Tim had often played live over the years, is done beautifully. Harry Nilsson's Peanut Man is fun, quirky and light hearted, he's having a laugh with this one, singing three different parts, its hard to believe its all the same voice.

Tom Waits Martha and Denny Randell and Letty Jo Barons I know Id recognise your face are bizarre choices, the latter being a duet with Marcia Waldorf and, to be honest is a complete shocker.

It's not all bad though. Of the original material, title track Sefronia (co-written with Larry Beckett) stands out, particularly part two, The Kings Chain, on which the vocals are truly stunning.

Tim Buckley's take on '60s band The Jaynettes Sally Go Round the Roses is a clever transformation of a teeny bopper love song, into an upbeat but sultry number about finding his lady getting down to it with another girl.

This album has great moments, but as a whole it's a bit upside down and back to front, not one we'd recommend for those who are new to Tim Buckley.

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