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Starsailor: Tim Buckley

By Unknown

This album further develops that which Lorca began, but goes deeper into avant-garde experimentalism and free form jazz.

This album is NOT easy listening, it is extreme, but thats what makes it great. This is music from inside. Deep, deep, deep inside.

Tim Buckley began using his voice as an instrument on Lorca and he takes this idea much further on Starsailor, yelping, wailing, moaning and screaming his way through.

The most easily accessible tracks on the album are Moulin Rouge which is a delicate, pretty little tune, though totally at odds with the rest of the album. The hauntingly beautiful Song To The Siren which despite being more conventional in structure than other tracks, fits perfectly.

With the exception of the above mentioned two, the rest of the album is a trip and a half. Manic vocals that are unsettling to the point of being almost scary at times and then totally beautiful at others. If chaos could be sung, it would sound like this. True musical anarchy.

This album is like the strangest dream you ever had, simultaneously both terrifying and fantastic. Personally, I think this is the bravest record I've ever heard. There is an incredible rawness in this music, unlike anything I've heard before.

Love it or hate it, cut the bullshit. There's no denying, this is as REAL as it gets.

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