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Tim Buckley: Live at the Troubadour 1969

By Mick MacVe

Released in 1994

Strange Feelin' (Buckley)

Originally released on "Happy/Sad" and also released on "Morning Glory The Tim Buckley Anthology", "The Late Great Tim Buckley" and "Best Of Tim Buckley"

Other live versions appear on "Dream Letter" and "the Copenhagen Tapes"

Venice Mating Call (Buckley)

I Don't Need It To Rain (Buckley)

Another live version was released on "The Copenhagen Tapes" and an edited version of the same performance appears on "Once I Was"

I Had A Talk With My Woman (Buckley)

This also appears on "Morning Glory The Tim Buckley Anthology"

An edit (5:55) of this song was Originally released on "Lorca" (it chops 1:37 off by missing out the introduction and the long fade out)

Gypsy Woman (Buckley)

Originally released on Happy/Sad

Blue Melody (Buckley)

Originally released on "Blue Afternoon" and also released on "Morning Glory The Tim Buckley Anthology"

Chase The Blues Away (Buckley)

)riginally released on "Blue Afternoon" and subsequently released on "Morning Glory The Tim Buckley Anthology"

An earlier version appears on"Works In Progress"

Driftin' (Buckley)

Originally released on "Lorca"

Nobody Walkin' (Buckley)

Originally released on "Lorca"

© Mick MacVe

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