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The American mid-century poet Bo Diddley noted that 'You can't judge a book by looking at the cover ...". However, you can sometimes better understand a man by looking at his books...

The Estate maintains possession of nearly all of Tim Buckley's books - with the exception of Federico García Lorca works, which were either stolen or given away by Tim.

A quick browse through Tim's library shows his empathy with writers and poets who stood outside the box - in much the same way that he approached his music.

He had a keen interest in the great 20th Century Spanish-language writers such as Lorca, as well as the Celtic giants like O'Casey, Joyce, and Thomas, and the Russian writers who risked - and sometimes gave up - their very lives to write the truth as they saw it. Of Irish-American descent, Tim was also interested in the Irish-American writers Eugene O'Neill and JP Donleavy

"Tim would call me from the road and me to send him new shirts, because he would lose them, then say 'I have to have such-and-such a book, can you find it for me?'", recalls his wife Judy. "Then I would have to track it down. There was no Internet back then, so I spend a lot of time at the UCLA libraries."

For convenience, the library shown below has been divided into two sections for no other reason that that is the way they are stored - by paper back and by hard back.

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