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On 20 July 1974, an estimated 60,000 people attended a festival held on the grounds of Knebworth House near the village of Knebworth, 25 miles north of London

Billed as 'The Bucolic Frolic', the bill included The Allman Brothers Band, The Doobie Brothers, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Van Morrison Show. Tim Buckley opened the days entertainment.

This article comes from, where fans who attended UK festivals recall their experiences.

Many thanks to Steve Brown for the heads up... Pictures of Tim at Knebworth can be seen here...
Clips from the concert can be heard below...

This show was apparently released as a bootleg called Return of the Starsailor. which is very good indeed , surprisingly it is mostly free of audience chatter. Why surprisingly? Well , unfortunately, hardly anyone was taking much notice of the band on-stage.

At this time Buckley was attempting to resurrect his career, with an new electric band but this performance was largely received with some indifference by the audience who were busy settling themselves in for the day or entering the arena.

As the first act Buckley was perceived as a warm up artist rather than a major league act. A great pity, as he once was a force to be reckoned with and very well known in the UK.

However, since this was his first UK show since 1968, it is perhaps not surprising that he was greeted as an unknown entity. This was also his last UK performance, within a year he was dead of a heroin overdose - another casualty to add to the Rock industry's prestigious and still growing list of OD's

Set list taken from the bootleg Return of the Starsailor

Intro/vocal warm-up (2:02)
Nighthawkin' (6:17)
Dolphins (4:16)
Get On Top (4:26)
Devil Eyes (6:34)
Buzzin' Fly (5:43)
Sweet Surrender (7:38)
Honey Man (12:17)
Improvisation (N/A)

Buckley was on good form, the improv track is particularly interesting, its part of a track, mostly scat singing and this portion of the song lasts four minutes or so. The tape - like most of the ones from Knebworth - is of good quality, but marred by the wind , which causes mic noise or fluctuations in sound levels.
Most of the songs played were from the Greetings from LA album.

Tim Buckley: Vocal, guitar
Artie Johnson: Guitar; Jim Fielder: Bass; Mark Tiernan: Keyboards; Buddy Helm: Drums

Just picked up on the amazing performance by Tim at an unearthly hour. We were aware of Tim as a 60s folk artist, so it came as a big suprise when Tim arrived with this eletric band to play some white hot sexed-up soul music!! Certainly blew most of us away...I can remember the rest of the acts were pale in comparison. About five years ago I finally picked up a boot of the gig...not a bad recording, but to be there was the thing!

Pete Creekelly

Massive, intense hangovers were the order of the day and it was a sorry band of longhairs who finally dragged their aching bodies in through the gates in time to see proceedings.

Most people seemed to take little notice of Buckley and apart from the fact that he performed well - but to little effect- I have no recollections of what he actually played. This is probably due to the fact that we were busy eating breakfast, as we found had found master Nick Ellis squatting over a pot full of potatoes and other veggies in the middle of the crowd and this helped to assuage the hangovers and provide an energy hit, so Buckley was missed due to our hunger pangs.


I vividly remember John Peel chucking frisbees into the crowd before introducing Tim Buckley who gave a fantastic performance....the sun was beating down by was going to be a hot day in more ways than one. The atmosphere was wonderful and people were there to simply enjoy the music...there was a lot of peace and love around.

Mickey O'Connor

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