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1966 - Tim Buckley, Elektra Records
"Didn't quite reach the heights of his later work, but it established him as an incredibly unique vocalist and songwriter. Recorded when he was just 19, Buckley's sad, fragile songs seem to ring in the ears for days..."
Jon Pruett -

1967 - Hello and Goodbye, Elektra Records

"Despite the sunny cover, the songs reflect the chaos of the unsettled times in which the album was conceived and created..."
Michael Fremer -

1968 - Happy/Sad, Elektra Records

"A treasure of incredible, rare, aesthetic excellence, Listen to it. A love record -- to absorb in solitude. To just lie and listen to. Over and over..."
Pete Frame - Zigzag

1969 - Blue Afternoon, Straight/Warner Brothers Records

"Like most truly satisfying experiences, Blue Afternoon falls short of accurate verbal description. Listen, and hear for yourself..."
The New York Times

1970 - Lorca, Elektra Records

"The music leaves this world, and enters a metaphysical landscape. Melodies appear and disappear in an atmosphere of lugubrious suspense..."
Piero Scaruffi -

1970 - Starsailor, Straight/Warner Brothers Records
"Five stars out of five - must be heard to be believed..."
Mike Bourne - Downbeat Magazine
"Essential listening..."
Rolling Stone

1972 - Greetings from LA, Straight/Warner Brothers Records

"Sweat-drenched, white-soul masterpiece that rivals Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’..."
David Peschek - Time Out London

1973 - Sefronia, Discreet/Warner Brothers Records
"Jazzier, more expansive in its use of colour instruments. 'Dolphins' remains a classic of taut, barely suppressed energy, one which still sends my fingernails deep into the palms of my hands..."
Ken Hunt - Rough Guides Music

1974 - Look at the Fool, Discreet/Warner Brothers Records
"It is simply the best Buckley album for many years - a new interest can be heard, Latin-American rhythms. The music is boiling and swings like hell, and again Tim sings the stars from heaven in songs which relate to sex at least 90% of the time
Bert van de Kamp - OOR Magazine

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