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1990 - Dream Letter - Live in London 1968, Enigma/Manifesto
"This superb two-hour performance by the late Tim Buckley has never been available before, even in bootleg form, and it is a revelation, capturing this folk-pop visionary at a critical and exciting juncture in his tragically abbreviated career.."
Rolling Stone

1991 - The Peel Sessions, Strange Fruit Records (UK) Dutch East India(US)
Five tracks recorded in 1968 for BBC Radio 1's John Peel Show

1994 - Live at the Troubadour, Manifesto Records
"The spotlight is on Buckley's lyrics and ungodly-great voice - the liner notes credit him with a five-and-a-half octave range, all of which he uses, and then some - his playing, and that of his four-piece band swing provocatively, adding texture and improv spontaneity..."
Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover

1994 - Morning Glory, Band of Joy Records(UK)
The Peel Sessions with two added tracks from BBC2 television show The Old Grey Whistle Test

1995 - Honeyman, Manifesto Records
"The Honeyman session finds Buckley at his most exuberant. He croons Fred Neil's ever-beautiful Dolphins with the assurance of prime-time Sinatra, albeit one owing as much to Jack Kerouac as Jack Daniels..."
Fred Dellar - VOX Magazine (UK)

1999 - Once I Was, Strange Fruit Records (UK)
Same as "Morning Glory", with added Danish radio track 'I don't need it to rain'
"I can hear how he takes himself through the singing, like he's walking gingerly over seaweed rocks; he guides the listener. He was a fearless and truly intimate performer..." Scottish singer/songwriter Eddi Reader

2000 - Works in Progress, Rhino Records/Handmade
"A wonderful assortment of material Buckley cut in 1968 -- originally intended as material for the album that would become Happy Sad, but largely left behind at the time -- most of it released for the first time ever on this incredible set from Rhino Handmade..."
2000 - The Copenhagen Tapes, Strange Fruit Records (UK)
Complete 1968 Danish radio broadcast
"Vocally, Buckley whoops and moans quite superbly, and the overall effect is entirely mesmerising..." The Independent (UK)
2001 - The Dream Belongs to Me, Manifesto Records
"While neither the '68 sessions nor the '73 demos are recommended to non-fans, their pairing on this disc creates an interesting and unique juxtaposition between Buckley's early, stellar flights of fancy and the more pragmatic, earthbound end of his career..."
2009 - Live At The Folklore Center, NYC – March 6, 1967, Tompkins Square
"It’s unquestionably great music, but a fascinating insight into a songwriter’s development, too. As Buckley expands the parameters of his music ... you can virtually detect the speed of his development..."

2011 - Tim Buckley: Deluxe Re-Issue - Rhino Handmade
"....Buckley’s otherworldly voice, a versatile, enveloping five-octave instrument capable of immense charisma and intense emotional stirrings – manoeuvering through complex mood shifts in the space of a breath – that make this such an auspicious, daring debut." UNCUT



2016 - Lady, Give Me Your Key - Light in the Attic Records
"...the material is a true boon for Buckley's most devoted followers."



2017 - Tim Buckley - Venice Mating Call - Manifesto Records
"Buckley commands a broad range of emotions over the course of these sets, with his fluid tenor turning either urgent or sultry, as the moment demands..."



2017 - Tim Buckley: Greetings from West Hollywood - Manifesto Records
"Even those long convinced that Tim Buckley ranks among the 20th century’s most innovative singers and musical visionaries will find these newly-discovered tracks from manager Herb Cohen’s vaults a jaw-dropping revelation."
Record Collector Mag



2019 - Tim Buckley: Live at the Electric Theatre Co. - Manifesto Records
"...adds another touchstone in Buckley’s creative output.."
Luke's Turn Table



2021- Bear's Sonic Journals -Merry-Go-Round at the Carousel -Owsley Stanley Foundation
"Buckley’s devotion to pushing his voice and his art would soon lead to albums like Starsailor....that journey starts on recordings like these."
Rolling Stone


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