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My Tim Buckley Story

by Carri Gicker

It was 1966 and my friend Cecily and I decided, that instead of being nerdy doofuses, we were gonna be hippies, because we read about it in the San Francisco Chronicle. So we got sandals and clothes and stuff, and we were hippies.

No one our school was hippies except for us. So we had to get the right music, and we didn't have any sources to tell us what was cool or anything, there was nothing that they played on the radio. So we decided we were just gonna go to the store; the record store still had those little booths where you could listen to the records and stuff, and we each going to pick out one record based purely on the cover.

© Cecily Watson
So she picked out Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's Freak Out, and I got the first Tim Buckley album, just called Tim Buckley, and we really liked them both. We were just thrilled with our purchases! (laughter)

So they were having this festival, this music festival up on Mount Tamalpais, and all these acts were gonna be there, like The Doors
were supposed to show up but I don't think they ever played. Sons of Champlain, Tim Buckley, Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beefheart; it was the Magic Mountain Music Festival.

The Hell's Angels had it all kind of blocked-in, whatever that amphitheatre up there is called; that Greek theatre up on Mount Tamalpais. They had Hell's Angels on bikes blocking the road off. You had to take special shuttle buses to go up there, so anyway we went up there and there weren't that many people there.

They had a small stage, and we see Tim Buckley backstage, and we
just wander over there and say "Hey, we're really big fans!" (laughter) We were totally into Tim Buckley. I made him a special bead necklace, and I see Tim Buckley and give him my special bead necklace, and Cecily takes the picture.

And then we were like (laughter) totally jazzed! And then the next album he puts out; which is the one where he's got like the bottle cap in his eye? "Goodbye and Hello"? He's wearing the necklace that I gave him at the festival! (laughter) I was even more stoked!

This story first appeared in Issue #1 of Dream Magazine

Carri Hulet Gicker has remained a necklace maker.
Her jewelry designs can be seen on her website Gicker Gobal

"My best friend Cecily Watson and I (were) in high school when we went to the Magic Mountain Music Festival where we saw Tim and gave him the necklace, so that was a pretty early piece. It is funny I'm still string beads more than forty years later!"

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