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Tim made only two appearances as an actor. He appeared - uncredited - as a musician in The Christian Licorice Store (1971), playing a live version of Pleasant Street, while being photographed by actress Maud Adams.

Pleasant Street first appeared on the 1971 album Goodbye and Hello, made reference to ‘All the stony people, Walking 'round in Christian licorice clothes’. In a 1967 interview with Folklore Center promoter Izzy Young, Tim noted that the song referenced 'an acid head from Brooklyn."

Tim’s lone non-musical appearance in a movie came in Victor Stoloff’s 1973 improvisational film Why? Shot on the new medium of video tape, it was commissioned by Technicolor as an experiment in transferring video to film. His costars were Linda Gillen and OJ Simpson. Clips of the finished film were made available to the Estate by Room 109 founder Jack Brolly, whose diligent research lead to finding Stoloff and gaining his subsequent permission to use said clips.

As noted by the International Movie Database, Tim had read for the part of Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby's 1976 movie Bound for Glory, but passed before shooting began. The role was filled by David Carradine.

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The Christian Licorice Store (1971)

Beau Bridges, Maud Adams,
Gilbert Roland

Directed by James Frawley

"The world is yours if you're a winner"


A tennis champ falls in with the Hollywood crowd, finds himself being corrupted by the life in the fast lane. The movie was shot in 1969 and shelved for two years.

The opening credits are contained in the movie-within-the-movie when party-goers are summoned to the theater room of a swanky house. While they roll, two audience members discuss various items of business.

Why? (1973)

Tim Buckley, Linda Gillem, O.J. Simpson
Directed by Victor Stoloff

The film was commissioned by Technicolor as an experiment in transferring video to film.


A group therapy session takes place involving a drummer from a suddenly defunct rock band, an athlete and a pregnant junkie. The cast improvised dialogue during rehearsal, their comments were then transcribed into a script which was memorized for filming.

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