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The music of Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett was used in film and TV during Tim's lifetime, and has continued since his passing in 1975. While the TV appearances was mostly live performances - many captured in the 2007 Manifesto DVD Tim Buckley: My Fleeting House - the focus shifted from Once I Was as a backdrop to stories about the Vietnam war to Song to the Siren‘s ethereal arrangement and lyrics, suited to many different interpretations.

Below are links to Buckley/Beckett compositions and Tim Buckley performances used in film and TV. While every effort has been made to ensure that the list is as comprehensive as possible, the Estate will welcome any additional information about missing entries.

For possibly the first time, the Estate has made public four tracks - Wild Wood, The Father Song, The Prize and I’ll Be The One - from Hall Bartlett’s 1969 movie Changes. They remain the only known versions of all four as used in the movie.

Tim made only two appearances as an actor. He appeared - uncredited - as a musician in The Christian Licorice Store (1971); playing a live version of Pleasant Street, while being photographed by Maud Adams. Tim's song Pleasant Street, which first appeared on the 1971 album Goodbye and Hello, made reference to ‘All the stony people, Walking 'round in Christian licorice clothes’.

Tim’s lone non-musical appearance in a movie came in Victor Stoloff’s 1973 improvisational film Why? Shot on the new medium of video tape. His costars were Linda Gillen and OJ Simpson. Clips of the finished film were made available to the Estate by Room 109 founder Jack Brolly, whose diligent research lead to finding Stoloff and gaining his subsequent permission to use said clips.

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