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Audio Interviews
Tim - German Radio, 1974
Bruce Botnick -Recording Engineer
Tim Buckley - Radio Free Oz















Tim Buckley Interviews

1968: "Don't Call Me a Poet..."
Melody Maker (UK)

1968: "And God Bless Tim Buckley Too..."
Eye Magazine (USA)

1968 - Interview
Hitweek (Holland)

1969: "Go Live Your Own Life"
New York Times (USA)

1970: Tim Buckley interview
The San Diego Door

1972: "Talking in tongues..."
Published 1995 - MOJO (UK)

1973: "Interview with Tim Buckley"
Cleveland Scene

Tim Buckley Interviews

1974: "Starsailor"
Melody Maker (UK)

1974: "Digging Deeper to the Roots"
Melody Maker (UK)

1974: Interview transcription Rockspeak
BBC Radio One (UK)

1974: Sexier The Second Time Around
Unknown publication

1975: "Tim Buckley:The Interview"
Goldmine, published May,1985 (USA)

1975: "A Happy Sad Starsailor
ZigZag (UK)



Larry Beckett Interviews

1999: Interview
Richie Unterberger (USA)

2000: Interview
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

2004: Reflections from a Shadow (USA)

2016- Collaborating with Tim Buckley
Willamette Weekly -2016 : Reflections

Musician Interviews

1995: Lee Underwood
option magazine (USA)

2000: Lee Underwood
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

Bunk Gardner: Starsailor-era horn player
Terrascope Online

Buddy Helm: Straight-talking drummer
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)


Jeff Buckley Interviews
1995: "God Bless the Child" option Magazine

2000: "Like father, like son?" MOJO (UK)

Mary Guibert interviews

2000: Room 109 Chat Session

2000: Interview Uncut magazine
2000: "The Man that Got Away" MOJO (UK)


Jac Holzman: Founder of Elektra Records
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

Victor Stolloff: Director of "Why?"
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

Linda Gillen - Co-star in "Why?"

Stan Agol - Recording engineer
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)


Judy Buckley Llewellyn
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

Evan Cohen (1999)
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)

Evan Cohen (2000)
Jack Brolly - Room 109 (USA)


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