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In November,1967, a young Tim Buckley talked to Peter Bergman of Radio Free Oz - a precursor to The Firesign Theatre - on Los Angeles radio station KRLA.

Radio Free Oz still maintains a lively presence today that can be heard on their website.

"As the result of my never-ending Digitization process, I am constantly finding things I thought were lost, erased, never recorded or stolen. This is one such tape.

I was a huge fan of the original Firesign Theatre Sunday night radio series on KRLA called "Radio Free Oz" which ran from 1967 to 1968. Before that it was on the Pacifica station KPFK a little over a year. RFO incorporated later Firesign Theatre bits, as well as interviews, music and audience participation (since it was a live broadcast from various clubs around L.A.). The show was about three hours long and it usually took up two reels of tape to record it.

During the big earthquake of 1971, I had the gross misfortune of having an entire wall of 5,000 tapes tip over and fall on me while I was stumbling to get out of bed. Reels flew everywhere. Boxes and reels separated and it took me the better part of the next 20 years to get them all back together.

Some got mislabeled and misplaced, but I was never able to find Part One of this show, which aired on November 19, 1967 and included this very rare interview with Tim Buckley. Luckily, it was found a few months ago and it's been amazing to hear again, the first time in a little over 40 years. This interview took place just as "Goodbye and Hello" was released and it features a couple of cuts from that album. Rather than replace those tracks with newly remastered versions, I just let the original play as it was.

A nice piece of history... (Unknown)

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