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While references to Buckley père et fils are not uncommon in MOJO magazine, their salute to the 60th anniversary of Elektra Records contains more than name-checking Tim Buckley on the front page. And it turns out more than just a few…

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The November issue of the venerable British publication is accompanied by a fifteen-track CD curated by label founder Jac Holzman - the Tim Buckley track selected is Morning Glory.

The CD insert is illustrated by two of Jac’s personal favorites, Tim and Love’s Arthur Lee, while the track listing also contains Tim‘s Goodbye and Hello cover.

In the magazine proper, there is a page 3 mention, followed by short blurbs on three Buckley albums selected for inclusion in an ‘Elektra Best Sixty' - Tim Buckley (p.70) Goodbye and Hello (p. 79) and two mentions on page 81, where you can find a Happy Sad write up, as well as a link to the MOJO website to complain about the lack of love for Lorca.

Page 79 also includes directions to Mick Houghton’s on-line story on Tim’s Elektra years, and page 89 references two of Tim’s album covers - Goodbye and Hello and Happy Sad.

A short paragraph on Tim in an interview with Holzman is on page 90, with the whole thing is topped off on page 109 by a review of Bryan Ferry’s new album Olympia, which contains an ‘80’s wine-bar rehash’ of Song to the Siren.

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