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Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn Heights

Despite continued proclamations in early interviews that he was not overly familiar with his fathers material, Jeff Buckley was able to sing four songs at the 1991 St. Ann’s tribute concert. He sang Sefronia—The King’s Chain, Phantasmagoria in Two, Once I Was and I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain. (See links below)

Gary Lucas - Jeff's partner in Gods and Monsters and sometime mentor - wryly noted to Rolling Stone: "Everybody says Tim Buckley was the major influence on Jeff and, in fact, he knew his father's catalog backwards and forwards and could sing any of the songs just like his dad if he wanted.

But his mother, Mary Guibert, encouraged him and instilled a love of music, whereas he had a lot of negative feelings regarding his father and the whole abandonment issue."

Jeff even added an extra verse to I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain, Tim’s paean to his young son, in which he refers to a ’Flying Pisces’, an oblique reference to his ex-wife.

Indeed, the reference was not lost on Mary, who used the screen name FLYNPISCES in a 1999 chatroom session at Jack Brolly’s Room 109 website.

In retrospect, the added lyrics have even more impact when viewed in the light of the circumstances surrounding Jeff’s demise.

My love is the flower that lies among the graves
My love is the thousand souls that each save,
And all the insane madmen tell me I am not a smoky haze
Lay me not in lands of men to spread my ash along the way

I want to feel the tide pull through me, like a woman drunk in si,
I want to feel the fish swim through me. Let the water take my skin
Wrapped around the pebble that you choose to warm your hand
Just as I dream every day, as I pray you’ll understand

I never asked to be your mountain
Sefronia - The Kings Chain
Phantasmagoria in Two
Once I Was


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