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Susan Feldman, Artistic Director
Janine Nichols, Program Director


April 26th, 1991

Co-Produced with Hal Willner

Featured Artists

Eric Andersen
Jeff Scott Buckley
Greg Cohen
Anthony Coleman
Chris Cunningham
Sharon Freeman
Yuval Gabay
Cheryl Hardwick
Richard Hell
Julia Heyward
Shelley Hirsch
Suzanne Langille
Gary Lucas
Loren Mazzacane
Wilbur Pauley
Bob Quine
Barry Reynolds
Hank Roberts
The Shams
Elliott Sharp
G.E. Smith
Syd Straw





















Strange Feelin’ (arr. Coleman)
Sharp, Coleman, Freeman, Cohen, Roberts, Gabay Cafe (arr. Freeman)
Hirsch (vocal), Freeman, Sharp, Cohen, Roberts

Come Here Woman (arr. Sharp)
Hirsch (vocal), Sharp, Coleman, Cohen, Roberts

Song for Janie (arr. Andersen)
Andersen (guitar/vocal), Reynolds, Lucas, Straw/Hirsch (backing vocals)

The Earth is Broken (arr. Reynolds)
Straw (vocal), Reynolds, Cunningham, Smith, Hardwick, Cohen, Roberts

Moulin Rouge (arr. Quine)
Hell (vocal), Quine, Cohen, Roberts, Gabay, Coleman

Jungle Fire
Hell (vocal), same band, Sharp

The Healing Festival (arr. Sharp)
Sharp (vocal), same band, Freeman

Aren't You the Girl?
Pauley (vocal), Hardwick

Sweet Surrender (arr. Sharp)
Sharp, Gabay, The Shams, Coleman

Tijuana Moon (arr. The Shams)
The Shams

Interlude (Coleman)

I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain (arr. Buckley)
Buckley (vocal), Smith, Lucas, Hardwick, Roberts

The River (arr. Lucas)
Heyward (vocal), Lucas

Sefronia (The King’s Chain) (arr. Lucas)
Buckley (vocal), Lucas

Interlude (tape)
Plunderphonics: Anon/Tim Buckley (plunderphonized by John Oswald)

So Lonely (arr. Mazzacane/Langille)
Mazzacane, Langille, Cohen, Roberts

Pleasant Street (arr. Sharp/Smith)
Smith (guitar), Straw (vocal), Sharp, Cohen, Hardwick, Coleman, Gabay

Morning Glory (arr. Hardwick)
Hardwick, Coleman, Roberts, Smith

Love from Room 109 at The Islander (on the Pacific Coast Highway) (arr. Reynolds)
Reynolds (vocal), Hirsch (vocal), Lucas, Cunningham, Cohen, Roberts, Gabay, Freeman

Phantasmagoria in Two (arr. Reynolds)
Buckley (vocal), Reynolds, Cunningham, Lucas, Cohen, Hirsch/Heyward (backing vocals)

Once I Was (arr. Buckley)
Buckley (vocal/guitar)

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