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Sometimes items are sent to - or discovered by - the Estate that simply remain uncategorical - rather like Tim himself.

The list below acknowledges these findings and hopes that visitors will enjoy them as-is...

1999 Favorite song poll
1999 Favorite album poll
Joni Mitchell And The Fake Tim Buckley
Bono on Tim's influence on U2
An astrology chart
Things found in used books
Unknown piece of music that samples Tim's speaking voice
Soundtrack of my life: Mick Hucknall
Tim rides out a dust storm
Vietnamese refugees and Tim
Siren becomes Samoyed
Tim and Johnny Rotten?
Chrissie Hynde on her Pretenders, Linda Mac and Tim
1967 Folklore Center news letter
Songs left unsung
Drummer Jerry Peloquin
The Buckley Octaves
Another Fake Tim Buckley?
Ian Wallace and The Old Grey Whistle Test
Tim or Gidget?
Fake Tim Buckley Addendum
Life in The Hotel Albert
Whiskey A Go Go, Sunset Strip
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