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The Texas
Chainsaw Mystery

Film fans at discuss - at some great length - the source of the version of Song to the Siren used in the trailer for the 2004 remake of the classic horror movie


The sidebar on this page will take you to a lively discussion about the use of Siren in the trailer for the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, underlining the confusion about the various remakes by women singers.

Here for possibly the first time, the Estate has made public four tracks - Wild Wood, The Father Song, The Prize and I’ll Be The One - from Hall Bartlett’s 1969 movie Changes.

They remain the only known versions of all four as used in the movie. The Father Song is not the same title that appears on the Rhino Handmade 1999 release Works in Progress.

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1969 - 1997

Changes (1969)
Kent Lane, Michele Carey, Jack Albertson and Marcia Strassman.
Written and directed by Hall Bartlett.

"It's Life's Illusions I Recall..."

Tim adds four original songs - Wild Wood, The Father Song, The Prize and I’ll Be The One - to the movie soundtrack, as well as Morning Glory, She is and Once I Was.

Coming Home (1978) Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern. Directed by Hal Ashby.
Coming Home took three Oscars: Best Actor - Voight; Best Actress - Fonda and Best Original Screenplay. Nominated for Best Picture; Supporting Actor and Actress; Director and Editing.

"A man who believed in war! A man who believed in nothing! And a woman who believed in both of them!"

Tim Buckley - Once I Was.

Lost Highway (1997)
Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette. Written and directed by David Lynch.

A jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife, then morphs into a young mechanic in prison.

Director Lynch used This Mortal Coil's version of Song to the Siren. Per 4AD Records company policy, the song does not appear on the Fontana/Interscope soundtrack CD.

24/7 (1997)
Bob Hoskins
Written and directed by Shane Meadows

English working-class youth in gangs are introduced to the 'sweet science'
Tim Buckley - Look at the Fool

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